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August 11th, 2007

my patronus


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July 12th, 2007

hp personality

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May 27th, 2007

deviant art + question

right now i'm trying out deviant art. coz i joined like ages ago. but have never really done anything with it until now.

but the thing is i don't really create anything i'm not ood like that and i would not have half a clue on what to do.

so my question is, does anyone have any decent programs very easy to help a girl out. just make sure its basic and comes with instructions.

i just want to try. see if i do suck or i don't. i don't know.

April 24th, 2007

uni & work

i don't about the rest of the world but sometimes it sucks to be at uni. (which is college for any americans readin' this.) go from one to the next. that is from skool to uni and then on to a 'proper job'. or doin'more than what i'm doing at the moment. which isn't much.

uni = teaching degree = me skool for the rest of my life.

but it's what i want to do. so it can't be that bad.

work on the other hand. i tell you somethin' i hate it.

don't ever become a checkout chick its hell on earth. if it wasn't for the pay i wouldn't be doin' it.

anyway that's the rant for the moment.


March 13th, 2007

now i don't know exactly when this is meant to go live through the web. so just check back or let me know.


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March 7th, 2007

(no subject)


is justice always correct...
are the guilty aways wrong...
or the innocents fake...
who do you believe?

is war correct...
is revenge just...
is the death of millions
right to find one man...
for it will not solve abything
...nor bring people back

March 2nd, 2007

(no subject)

what is real?
is it our world
or the dream world
which one is fake?
or are they both not here....

Reality is good
Eeverything is understood
Alternate life
Meaning to faith, love & hope
Sub-concious reality

is reality real?
or is it just a point of view on life

can you see me or am i just a shadow of your imagination...

life is......
~~Heaven or Hell~~
~~Good or Bad~~~
...but this comes from
how you make it.

livejournal layouts

does anyone out there no how to get really cool layouts or can they make them. because i am terrible and have no clue on what to do??

or if anyone can point me in the right direction to find a layout theme of stargate atlantis or space or bones or potc or anything....

(no subject)

what people expect don't get it

life is destroyed

dreams ruined reality isn't what it seems

March 1st, 2007


i'm not the centre of the universe. it's 2 metre to the left of me.
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